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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Day 20... But when does it get easier?

Posted by Andy Petranek

I've got good news and bad news... first, the good. CrossFit works. The results speak for themselves time and again... and the results you get from doing this are usually far beyond what you ever thought could be possible.

Now the bad... No matter how fit you get, it will NEVER get easier. I was reading How to Push Past the Pain, as the Champions Do from the NY Times (thanks, Chad), and the one thing that every elite athlete from every sport shares in common is his/her ability and willingness to push past pain, anguish, difficulty, fear, doubt... and persevere... no matter what. I find it particularly interesting the idea that at the end of pretty much any long distance running race, all the elite runners have saliva / spit all over their face from pushing so hard. So although they're making it look easy, it's FAR from it.

The question is this... how much discomfort are you willing to push past to get what you really want?

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