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Wednesday, April 8, 2020

4/8 Zinc and your immune system

4/8 Zinc and your immune system 
role of zinc in diahorrea

Zinc is involved in:
 • Genes and making DNA
 • Many different enzymes
 • Protein synthesis 
 • Wound healing 
 • Heart health 
 • Joint health 
 • Insulin 
 • Thymus function
 • Gonads

What can happen in relation to your immune system if you have a zinc deficiency:
 • Thymic atrophy 
 • Decreased lymphocytes 
 • Defective white blood cell response 
 • Low recovery rate 
 • Increased duration of infections 
 • Increased inflammation 
 • Increased oxidative stress
 • Decreased capacity to fight off infections
 • Increased susceptibility to viruses and infections

Foods high in zinc:
 • Oysters
 • Red meat 
 • Seafood/fish
 • Pumpkin seeds

If you want to take zinc supplements, I think a good choice is zinc bisglycinate chelate. 

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