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Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Why Turmeric?

Article written by Kauai Farmacy

The roots of Turmeric are deeply intertwined with human survival. Thousands of years of use and reverence have warranted its worth. Celebrated in India as a holy spice, Turmeric was discovered by westerners and debuted along the Silk Road, seeding its legacy as an extraordinary healing herb. Today, the presence of this golden superherb on shelves across America beckons the question, “Why Turmeric?”
There are few herbs capable of enhancing life as directly and dynamically as Turmeric. Starting with the essentials of existence, Turmeric supports the basic needs for survival: circulation of oxygen, assimilation of food and water and energy to exist. Once stabilized in a state of health, Turmeric works above and beyond the call of duty, imparting its infamous golden glow unto its user via elevated performance, resilience and perseverance.
The question soon becomes, “Why NOT Turmeric?”
And the answer is quite simple. Turmeric supports the body’s exquisite ability to live life.
The responsibility to “show up” on a daily basis is a reality we all live, regardless of environment or lifestyle. How we perform, express ourselves and interact with the world takes energy. And that energy comes from nutrients, from oxygen, and from water. In turn, our bodies must be able to digest, assimilate, store and utilize these elements.
Curcumin, the most famous of Turmeric’s constituents, notably increases circulation within the body. Circulation is key. It is responsible for the harmonious exchange of our outer environment with our inner environment. Uninhibited circulation enables proper blood flow to the gut, stimulating metabolism and the digestion of nutrients. As food is broken down to fundamental nutrients, our body is able to use them as the building blocks for blood, hormones, tissues and energy. Proper circulation delivers these nutrients to the applicable systems of the body, then encourages appropriate elimination. By enhancing circulation, Turmeric enables efficient functioning, thereby maximizing energy and elevating our ability to perform.
Each day that we awake, we show up, and we are exposed to information to process. This daily cycle is, in large part, what propels us through life: taking things in, digesting, developing, learning, evolving. However, sometimes, we ingest “information” that may not sit so well. Whether this be rancid food, too much food, unexpected traffic or unfortunate news. So, we must have a way to process. We need a certain level of resilience to survive in our ever-changing and challenging environment.
Our bodies are ingeniously prepared for the full spectrum of life possibilities. We have mechanisms to digest, cleanse, purify and detoxify that which does not serve our overall health. Working together in an effort to maintain homeostasis, these mechanisms comprise our immunity. Once again, Turmeric and circulation play a big role here. By maintaining fluent circulation, the immune system is able to recognize, target and “dispose of” toxins in a rapid manner. Turmeric also supports the liver, our foremost filtration organ. A well-known liver tonic, Turmeric helps flush toxins from the liver, re-stabilize the liver post-toxicity and stimulate the production of bile, aiding in proper digestion of hard-to-process elements. Turmeric not only elevates our immune system, it contributes its own array of adaptive techniques.
Full of antioxidants, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, Turmeric fortifies our immune systems with the very compounds it uses to protect itself in nature. Antioxidants keep its valuable volatile oils from oxidizing. Antibacterials ward off prevalent bacteria in the soil, where this root spends its entire growing life. And curcumin, the anti-inflammatory compound, keeps Turmeric from swelling and deteriorating in the heavy tropical humidity. Furthermore, Turmeric imposes these same qualities into our bodies when consumed. As Turmeric has evolved to thrive, wearing its radiant golden glow as a symbol of its resilience, it so offers the same quality unto us.
The result of elevated resilience is invaluable. Direct links have been made between the consumption of Turmeric and a decrease in tissue degeneration, diabetes, Alzheimer’s Disease, cancer and all diseases of inflammation. By nature, Turmeric removes stagnation and restores balance. It helps the body rid of blockages and realize vitality. With uninhibited circulation and exchange of elements, performance peaks and resilience rises. In essence, taking Turmeric leads to longevity.
The more efficiently our bodies are able to to perform and resist disease, the more vital energy is available to persevere. Life is not merely about living, it is about thriving. But thriving is an expression that supersedes surviving. So, we must start with the basics, find our balance, and stay centered. The balancing nature of Turmeric helps guide us to that sweet spot. And, as it is “life-giving in mind, body and spirit”, according to Ayurvedic principles, Turmeric bestows more than just balance.
There is no question in the East when it comes to Turmeric. Temples, ceremonies, curries and cures are saturated in the golden, life-giving dust. Turmeric pastes are applied to the forehead for purity, prosperity and protection. It is added to food for proper assimilation and preservation. Turmeric dyes are used to color the robes of monks. And it is a pillar ingredient in most Ayurvedic remedies. In India, and other areas of the East, Turmeric is a food, a medicine, an offering and symbol of enlightened life.
Allowing Turmeric to grow alongside allied medicinal plants, we at Kauai Farmacy have established a healthy and diverse herbal ecosystem. The rich volcanic soil, closed-loop organic system and unwavering intention create unparalleled medicine. Upon our 4 acres of inter-planted herbs, Turmeric is a staple member, making its way into almost all of our blends of teas, salves and superfoods. At Kauai Farmacy, we understand the importance of balance. This can be seen in the vibrancy of our gardens and felt within the freshness of our medicine. While some companies sell Turmeric that is merely able to survive, we offer Turmeric that has been encouraged to thrive.
As intention resonates from soil to plant to person, the quality of our medicine impacts the quality of our health.
Thousands of years ago, when Turmeric began its journey across the world, a wave of admiration followed. The color, the array of applications and the remarkable health benefits were all reason. Emerging from the sacred soils of India, Turmeric carried a torch of tenacity. Today, we are seeing a resurgence of Turmeric in a new light. Industry sets the standard and soils have been stripped of nutrients. The world has modernized and scenarios of survival have changed. However, our basic needs are the same. Our exquisite ability to live life is the same. And Turmeric’s innate faculty to elevate life is the same. So, regardless of time-frame or lifestyle, wisely-chosen Turmeric is a worthy ally in living, surviving and thriving.

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