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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Should You Compete?

Should You Compete?

SICFIT Moderator on September 20, 2010, 12:00pm
By Kate Rawlings
Games Athlete and Owner of Coca CrossFit

If you’ve ever asked yourself, "Should I compete?" I say YES! I think that everyone should compete, yes, everyone. The number of benefits that come out of competing are countless.

I remember asking myself this very question. November 2008's Level 1 Certification was the first time I that I had done a workout in a large group setting. My heart was pumping, my adrenaline spiked; I revisited a high that I didn’t even know I missed. Having played competitive soccer my whole life, I was always chasing the ‘high’ associated with a big game. I knew that I found that again completing "Fran" at my Level 1.

I remember asking Todd of Boz and Todd the following question, "When do you know if you should compete?" His response was so simple, yet brilliant; "If you think you want to compete, do it.”

That was all it took. I started training for competition as soon as I got home. I did some research, found a competition at CrossFit Central, registered, and paid the fee. I committed to a goal, compete at the Fittest Games Challenge. Having a set date enabled me to drive all of my efforts in the gym with a purpose. I was no longer working out for the sake of working out, I was training to prepare.

A mental shift took place by just knowing I was going to be competing soon. I was able to push myself a little harder, everyday. I would squeak out one more rep, take one less water break. I devoted more time to skill and technique work. I worked on my weaknesses daily. I weighed and measured everything I put in my mouth. And all those shifts in thought came shortly after making the commitment to sign up. Competing teaches you a whole lot about yourself.

Your stress level is up, your adrenaline spikes, excitement is at a high and you find a whole new gear that you didn’t know existed. You want better examples? Just this year, at the Central East Regionals, I PR’d my dead lift by 10lbs and it was the third event of the day. At the CrossFit Games I squat snatched my 1rpm weight 16 times. Every time I think I’m at my best going into a competition, I blow my max efforts out of the water.

I have competed at some big competitions in the CrossFit world, but that may not interest you. Find a local competition or you can even see if your gym will set up a competition among the members, you’ll get similar benefits. Having a set date will strengthen your goals. You’ll be able to focus all your effort on reaching it.

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