CrossFit South Rockland

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Day#30 Week#7 Loading

Partner Warm up #3
Ping pong
3x FAST!
Double unders 15 reps
Jump lunges 5 reps
TTR 5 reps
GHD back ext 7 reps
Horizontal ring rows 7 reps
Ring dips to true support 7 reps

Weighted pull ups

Partner WOD
20 minute ping pong
3x DB shuttle
4 single arm DB burpee right arm
4 single arm DB burpee left arm
3 weighted pull ups

Warm up
Rowing Technique #3
Rowing drills

2 minutes light rowing

-10 drive
-10 pry
-10 reach
-10 full strokes

Tabata row

Movement standards

Tabata the following:
-Row for calories
-Air squats
-Row for calories

-Pull ups 

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