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Saturday, August 12, 2017

Hero Dedication Saturday

Army Sgt. Patrick Hawkins, 25, of Carlisle, Pennsylvania, was killed on Oct. 6, 2013, while conducting a special operations mission in Kandahar Province, Afghanistan, as part of Operation Enduring Freedom. Hawkins was assigned to the 3rd Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment of Fort Benning, Georgia.
Hawkins’ friends and fellow service members remember his enthusiasm for CrossFit. He often used CrossFit training with his Fire Team and particularly enjoyed wearing weighted body armor during his workouts.
Hawkins is survived by his wife, Brittanie; and parents, Roy and Sheila.

Dynamic Warm up #2
800m run
Walking lunge Sampson stretch
Dynamic walk
Inch worm
Toy soldiers
High knees
But kicks
Toe walks
Power skip
Broad jumps
TTR x 15

Front rack lunges

Wearing a 20lb. vest, 6 rounds for time:
25 pull ups
50-ft. front-rack lunge w/45 m/75
25 push ups
50-ft. front-rack lunge w/45 m/75

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