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Monday, November 13, 2017


45-day challenge is in a full affect and so is the cold weather, that unfortunately brings sneezing, cold, and flu with it. What can we do to protect ourselves from these unwanted weather effects? Including lemon in your daily diet, and specifically, adding it to your water (which we all must drink a lot of) might help tremendously. Lemon water is claimed to have powerful health and weight loss benefits. An all-natural drink that can indirectly give your weight loss goal a leg-up, bump up your Vitamin C stock, and cleanse your GI tract and liver, lemon water packs more than citrus drops and H2O. Here are some of the benefits of lemon water:

1. Immunity Booster

Lemons are rich in vitamin C and flavonoids that work against infections like the flu and colds and help protect cells from damaging free radicals. This makes lemon water a perfect drink for athletes who don’t want to miss their trainings due to virus attacks and bacterial infections that commonly occur with intense workouts and shifty weather in the mix.

2. Cleansing Hacker

As it contains naturally-sourced antioxidants, lemon water promotes detoxification and liver cleansing. It is also a go-to for excretion of waste matter from the GI tract. On top of purging toxins, lemon water stimulates enzyme production in the liver. This prevents development of liver stones and liver glitches that can occur due to accumulated toxic waste.

3. Digestion Facilitator

Warm lemon water facilitates digestion, promotes production of gastric juice, and keeps bowel movement in check. This is especially useful for gym goers who often suffer from heartburn and indigestion after post-workout snacks.

4. Alkalization Leg-Up

Lemon water impacts the body’s pH, thus reducing the risk of immune function dips. Along with the immune system leg-up, it will tweak your body’s pH to alkaline, which has been linked to more efficient and faster healing of various health issues, speedier fat burn, and more stable energy.

5. Kidney Stone Breaker

Running, jumping, and engaging in other dynamic sports can cause kidney stones to move. That’s where lemonade comes in handy. According to medical experts, lemon water is a 100 percent natural remedy for kidney stones, and it can even delay the development of new ones.

6. Mood booster

The benefits of lemon water aren’t limited to physical health only: it can also boost your mood and help you ward off stress, anxiety, and depression. According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, the scent of lemon reduces stress levels and elevates mood more efficiently than even lavender oil.

7. Supports heart health

Lemons are high in heart-healthy vitamin C and several beneficial plant compounds that have been shown to lower risk factors for heart disease as well as cholesterol.

8. Protects against anemia

Lemons contain vitamin C and citric acid, which help you absorb non-heme iron from plants. This may help prevent anemia.

9. Rejuvenates skin

By promoting collagen production, regular intake of lemon water can prevent or minimize development of stretch marks and keep your skin firm, acne-free, and radiant – even with heavy sweating in the gym.

To summarize it all, lemons contain a high amount of vitamin C, soluble fiber and plant compounds that give them a number of health benefits. Drinking water with lemon may help fighting flu-like viruses and provide protection against heart disease, anemia, kidney stones, and digestive issues. Therefore, next time when you are drinking water, squeeze some lemon into it and make it a daily drink of your choice. Enjoy and stay healthy!


Nataliya Olifer

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