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Monday, March 14, 2011

Welcome to the Open

Welcome to the Open

By CrossFit on 03.06.11
Introducing the new Open Site
The customizable leader board function will be your window into the competition. It will become active as soon as the first workout goes live.
The CrossFit Games Open is a worldwide, six-week competition in the sport of fitness. It is also the first step on the road to the 2011 Reebok CrossFit Games in July. Perform one workout per week, and prove your fitness!
This website is command-central for competitors and fans to track all the action. The first step is to register. There are three categories: You can register as an athlete to compete. If you are an affiliate, you can register as such to host workouts at your box. Registering as a fan is free, and allows you to customize your experience of the site, and to comment on articles, videos, and photos.
The workout for the week is announced each Tuesday at 17:00 PDT, starting on March 15th. All participants have until the following Sunday at 17:00 PDT to perform the workout and enter their results.
Each workout will be explained thoroughly. There will be explicit variations for Men, Women, and the two oldest Masters divisions. There will be video, text, and photos describing the structure of the workout along with the movement standards for each exercise within the workout. There will even be a printable PDF that you can take to the gym with you.
The workouts can be performed anywhere. If they are performed at a registered affiliate, then that affiliate will provide judging and validate the results. If they are performed anywhere else, then the workout needs to be videoed so that the movements can be clearly seen (explicit instructions for this will be included with each workout). This video must be uploaded to a public website, and the URL for that video gets included with the results submission.
This entire process must be completed by each Sunday at 17:00 PDT. Late submissions will not be accepted, so please be sure to allow yourself plenty of time.
The customizable Leaderboard function will be your window into the competition. It will become active as soon as the first workout goes live. You can see where you or any of your friends stand. Everyone will be ranked worldwide and by region. There are weekly rankings for each workout and overall rankings for the entire competition to date. The Leaderboard will be constantly updating as new scores are received so you can track your competition throughout the week (hey, it beats working). 
There will be a side-by-side athlete comparison feature that lets you measure your stats and performances against your training partner or your favorite celebrity CrossFitters to see how you stack up. 
Feed your hunger for information with our multifaceted storytelling. All types of features and stories, videos and photo galleries bring the competition to life. 
Want more information? See full Competition Rules, a detailed History of the Games, and of course, our FAQ

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