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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Fit for life

Fit for life

Mother of three is one of top CrossFit athletes in Southern California; pursues 'fittest person in the world' title

Star Editor
Elite athlete Shanon Humphrey steals a quick kiss from her 1-year-old son then gets back to her second most important duty — training to become the “fittest person in the world.”
Humphrey, 26, is no stranger to top-notch competition. As Shanon Meyer, the Hesperian won the USA Junior National Hepthathlon Title as a San Diego State freshman in 2003. But on Wednesday — after a vigorous warmup session — Humphrey contended in the last of six weekly workout competitions that had her near the top of the heap. She was rated No. 3 in Southern California in the worldwide CrossFit Games Open going into the last leg.
Beginning in mid-March, Humphrey and about 7,000 other female CrossFit athletes started the workout series. Each week varied, with the final competition a brutal seven-minute session that featured 60-pound thrusters and pull-ups. Starting with three of each, each competitor had to increase the numbers by three until seven minutes was over. After she finished, Humphrey had completed a total of 125 total repetitions. Her final sequence was 18 thrusters and 15 pull-ups.
As one of the top 60 in her region, Humphrey will compete on four weekends from May 27 through June 19. Then, in late July, the top three from each region will compete in the CrossFit Games, which will feature head-to-head competion at the Home Depot Center in Los Angeles.
CrossFit dramatically differs from most other gym-based training facilities. CrossFit stresses total fitness and utilizes “constantly varied, high-intensity, functional movement.”
“You are the machine,” said Alison (Jones) Bushnell, who owns the gym near Main Street and Highway 395 with her husband Shawn Bushnell. Both were among the fastest motorcross riders in the country.
At the Hesperia gym, the pursuit of fitness also takes on a decidedly family flavor. During Humphrey’s workout, her three toddlers played while being supervised by her husband, Sultana High wrestling coach Rocky Humphrey. (Shanon Humphrey is the girls track coach at Sultana). The Bushnell’s infant also joined in the fun.
“It’s a family-friendly gym,” Alison Bushnell said.
Working to stay in tip-top shape is imperative for the Humphreys. Not only do they do it for themselves and their children, but they also know they are living examples, especially for the young athletes they coach.
“We want to be good role models,” Humphrey said. “I work out with my team. I think it helps them to stay motivated.”

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