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Thursday, June 14, 2012

SATURDAY coach's advice

Hello all:

If you didn't already know there will be a number of us competing this Saturday at CrossFit Warwick for the Summer Challenge. 

We are hoping some of you will come spectate. Check out the link for more information:

For those competing there area number of thing to consider:
  • starting tonight... Get hydrated... drink at least 10 ounces of coconut water and tomorrow drink 1/2 your body weight + 60 of ounces of water... 

  • eat normally tonight.... tomorrow (Friday) eat lean protein, sweet potato, and high quality fat (avocado)... Saturday morning eat breakfast because the 1st heat doesn't start till 9am... eggs, fruit (berries), avocado... another 10 ounces of coconut water and keep drinking water... 

  • During the event have a post WOD shake (protein/chocolate milk, etc) don't for get to bring food... grilled chicken, jerky, dried fruit, apples, berries, almond butter, nuts, and avocados... bring water and coconut water to put in your post WOD shake... 

  • stay out of the sun!!! AMRAP will have a tent so bring some foam rollers, lacrosse balls, awn chairs,sunglasses, and sun block... 

  • mobilize during your down time and ask me of fellow competitors for help with stretching, taping, etc.

  • have FUN!!!

  • & KICK some more ASS!!!

Contact me for any questions or concerns. 

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