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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Battle of the Titans


7 minute AMRAP
4 man TEAM event

Ping pong
2 men reverse sled drag 40m

Ping pong
2 men famers walk 40m

*Each teammate will travel 20m with object. Partners must switch at 20m. Each TEAM must designate 2 men for the sled & 2 men for the famers walk. During the WOD members of the TEAM cannot switch from sled to famers walk. 40m =’s one point*

Sled weight- open 180/ masters 140
Famer’s handles weight- open 180/ masters 140

2 man TEAM event
9 minute AMRAP

Ping pong
Wall ball 7 reps
Toes to bar 12 reps

*Both men must complete wall ball shots & toes to bar to receive a point. *

Wall ball 20

2 man TEAM event
6 minute AMRAP

Find 1 rep max bench press
Max stone ground to shoulder

*Each TEAM member must find their 1 rep max bench press. Each pound =’s 1 point. Each stone ground to shoulder =’s one point. Both teammates are always working together.

Stone #145 open/ #115 masters

4 man TEAM event
7 minute AMRAP

Ping pong
Box jumps (games standards) 5 reps
53lb KB snatch 7 reps
*Partners cannot switch to viper press/burpee*

Box jump 38 inch open/ 34 inch masters

Ping pong
Viper press 7 reps
Burpees (games standards) 7 reps
*Partners cannot switch to box jump/snatch*

Viper press #115 open/#95 masters

* Each TEAM must designate 2 men for the box jump/snatch & viper press/burpee. Each pair of individuals must complete all reps of both movements to receive a point for work completed*

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