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Friday, November 30, 2018

Justine's Fitness Journey

Where do I begin.. 

growing up in an Italian family I loved food, pasta every sunday, ice cream during the weekdays, wasn't really going to the gym at the time until I jumped on the scale and nearly fell over. My best friend said there was a new gym in Pearl River opening so I decided to sign up. Started taking classes like spinning, then some classes with weight training, yet I still wasn't feeling strong or confident. 

Then I started watching some videos on YouTube with CrossFit, my husband which was my boyfriend at the time said I should try it out, I told him he was out of his mind. Luckily I found Ray & AMRAP Fitness handing out flyers at vision, decided why not? Walking in for my first class was skeptical at first but the environment was so positive and motivating that the fear went away. I learned how to eat better...for the most part haha, challenge myself to lift heavier weight and have confidence in myself. I have never met a coach with more patience (when I'm not driving him crazy) then Ray. 3 years and still going strong probably the best lifestyle change I ever made!

I love AMRAP Fitness and the community and would't trade it for anything.


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