CrossFit South Rockland

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Wednesday 10/30

Warm up 
A- Mash- Feet & quads  

B-Warm Up
Combo Activation #4
5 OHS with band 5 second pause
10m OH duck walk with band
5 straddle lateral lunges + walkout + push up
10m walking pigeon 
Single leg deadlift 5R/5L
15 hitch hikers
10m Sampson stretch + lizard + rotation

Movement standards

Partner WOD
20 minute Tag
200m tandem SB carry w/50# m/75#
15m SB lunges w/50# m/75#
7 SB cleans w/50# m/75#
7 SB shoulder to OH w/50# m/75#

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