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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Self-Worth Is a State of Mind.

What a man thinks of himself , that it is which determines , or rather , indicates , his fate.
-Henry David Thoreau.

You can't be lifted up by anyone or anything any higher than you're willing to lift yourself up.

You can't be put down by anyone or anything any lower than you're willing to put yourself down.

No one will lift you up any higher than yourself.

No one will put you down any lower than yourself.

When people praise and reprimand you , they're only providing you with their opinion and perceptions of your actions. Only if they reflect your own opinions can other people's opinions have the power to make you feel good or bad. You decide how you feel and your feelings are based on your values.

Many people go through life trying to receive praise and avoid reprimand .To them , other people's opinions define their own self-worth.But those who live their lives listening to the guidance of their hearts and souls realize that they must be true to themselves regardless of others opinions of them.

True self-worth stems from within , and when you're focused on an inspired purpose , neither praise nor reprimand can bump you off your course.

John DeMartini.

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