CrossFit South Rockland

Sunday, August 22, 2010


Workout #1:
Part 1:
AMRAP 7 minutes:
7 burpees
7 box jumps (substitution is squat jumps)
7 hollow rocks

Rest 5 to 7 minutes

Part 2:
AMRAP 7 minutes:
5 push ups (scale up to HSPU/ handstand push ups)
5 jumping lunges
20 double unders 

Workout #2:
For time:
With a running clock complete 150 DB cleans
Every minute on the minute do 5 burpees

Workout #3:
For time:
Your choice:
Run 5K (road or trail) or row 5K (C2 rower on on the water) or 2.5K swim (anywhere) or 10K bike (road or trail)

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