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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Game-Day Nutrition Feedback

In a virtual world where anyone with a keyboard and an internet connection is an expert it is great to get feedback your work. Back in March, I received a question about eating on game-day and thought it would back a great blog post. Mike submitted the question and decided to follow some of my recommendations while competing in jiu-jitsu. He was kind enough to send me some feedback and I thought I would post it for others to check out.

First, congrats on your impending induction into the fraternity of fatherhood.  I have four little ones myself, two boys and two girls, all of whom are under 7 years old, and I can assure you that getting adequate sleep per your recommendation, although still possible, will become quite a bit more of a challenge for you and your wife once your little ones arrive (and probably for the next 20 years or so for that matter).   But it’s worth it so don’t sweat it too much. 

Second, you had responded to my question back in March on this site (TTMJ) regarding Game-Day Nutrition for athletes, specifically Jiu-Jitsu tournaments in my case.  In the spirit of providing feedback to you, your recommendations were right on point.  Per your suggestion, I now get up early on tournament days and eat 2 chicken breasts, a whole avocado and a large yam about 4 hours before I’m scheduled to fight.  By the time I’m on the mat, I’m usually feeling hungry again which is perfect because, like you, I prefer to compete on a relatively empty stomach which your recommended pre-game meal allows while still leaving me feeling “fueled up” and strong.  During breaks between matches I now bring along a container full of orange slices and another one with a single chicken breast and half a yam.  I snack on the oranges if I’m not looking at a long intermission, the chicken and the yam make for a great “re-fueling” between longer breaks in the action.  When I get home afterwards, it’s out to the grill for some rib eyes, asparagus in olive oil and more yams, washed down with a glass (or two or three) of red wine.  The results speak for themselves:  I’ve competed in three tournaments since putting your recommendations into practice.  I won my age/weight class in all three tournaments and won the open division in the last two which is a significant accomplishment for a 37-year-old father of four, competing against young studs fresh out of college who train full-time.  I’m not getting tired anymore in my matches and I’m finding that your nutritional suggestions, along with continuing CFFB for my strength and conditioning, are putting me in a position to have a better “gas tank” than just about anyone that I’ve competed against this season.  Your shit works!
Again, thanks man and enjoy your remaining time before the biggest responsibilities (and joys) that you’ll ever have arrive!
Mike Page

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