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Saturday, March 31, 2012

AMRAP update

Hello all:

There has been several points Suzanne and I would like to cover in terms of running a better, more efficient, and safer environment.

AMRAP fitness would like to be known for quality of training... During the 2012 CrossFit Open, we as coaches, and I'm sure you as athletes, have noticed what we desperately need to work on to better you all... In addition, we have noticed several injuries arise due to lack of experience, EGO, and not taking advice from the coaching staff... 

AMRAP fitness wants all our athletes to first, BE healthy, have FUN, and return for another day of training... Thus, we stress the importance of the following:
  • Training logs: a way for you to keep records of where your are strength-wise, rest-wise, and most importantly nutrition! Without these you will never see the results you want, and, unfortunately may lead to injuring yourself due to lack of awareness.
  • Training log: if you don't have one get on now. Also you can download an app called my WOD for your iPhone.
  • Training log: did I mention you need one to follow your nutrition. Without nutrition you will not succeed or thrive.
  • Taking coaches advice: even though it may be against what you feel, as coaches, in the long run we only want you to BE SAFE and excel: Whether mentally, nutritionally, or physically, we want you to be better then yesterday.
  • PAY ATTENTION: during the demonstrations and briefing of the workouts, it is vital that you pay close attention and then wait to ask questions once the coach has finished the presentation. 
  • Set goals: we need to reevaluate 3 month goals on the goal board in the box. You really need to focus on where you want to excel and/or improve. (AMRAP Fitness' goal to all of you is to improve the quality of training and help ALL of our clients with their wants and needs) If you desire extra training or attention, please schedule a one-on-one personal training session with one of the coaches.
  • Body maintenance: Ice, massage, ART, mobility, and stretching should not be brushed off... As a result, we urge you to come 15 minutes before your class or training session is to begin, and quietly head to the back, without disruption, and focus on what your body needs to thrive: In addition, AMRAP fitness provides further body services by appointment only with Ray, Kevin, and Mike
  • Mobility (30 minute sessions)-Coach Ray
  • ART- Kevin 201.788.2666
  • Body work- Mike 845-304-3966

We at AMRAP Fitness are truly grateful to each and every one of you for contributing to the growth and success of our business. With that, if you have ANY questions and/or concerns about the above information, PLEASE contact us. We are always here to listen and help... 

Additional events:

Saturday 4/28 Bob Hughes is hosting a fundraiser it is a 5K memorial run in honor of his beloved wife Sue Hughes. I would like all of us to come together and show our support and respect. For details click on the following link:

I am going to start a 45 Paleo Challenge... It will begin Monday April 16th 2012... this will give you 2 weeks to gather information as well as ask question on the challenge.... Remember, The blog contains tons of information on past Paleo challenges, search the blog.... 

Sign up for the challenge on the whiteboard or contact me if your interested...

This time around prizes will be awarded to the top winner in each age category (1 male & 1 female)... Photos must be submitted by Friday April 13th 2012 in order to be a winner... 

In order to win you must commit to 100% Paleo lifestyle, see a performance improvement as well as an physical improvement...  

  • 6 group sessions or $165 credit towards AMRAP Fitness, a t-shirt, & bumper sticker
    • Juniors ages 14 to 24
    • Open ages 25 to 44
    • Masters 45 and over

Good Luck & have a great weekend!


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