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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A Skinney Issue

A Skinney Issue

Hey y’all!
I know I havent been on here in a while. Sorry about that… But I just wanted to share something quickly about an issue concerning loose skin.
A lot of our clients have made amazing physical changes regarding weight loss) before, during or aside from our help) and some have expressed concern about loose skin. I was going through the coaches community on the Poliquin Site and came across this piece of advise which I think is really good involving the subject.
How to lose loose skin:
Gotu Kola Px – 2 caps 3x/day
Lean Legs 2.0 – 1 pump per area, once in the morning and once again 45min pre-workout
You can also add aloe vera gel or lotion throughout the day.
Do that consistently for 6 months – it takes time to do it the natural way.
Hydration and electrolytes help speed things up.
That is it in a nutshell outside of surgery. Of course this is assuming you are following a smart nutritional plan. Things like alcohol, sugar, inflammation, bad gut lining will also cause problems or slow reactions to the advice above. Please let me know if you have any questions and the above mentioned Poliquin Products can be found at the store through my affiliate link.
Thank you for reading.

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