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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Less the 17 hours left.....

Help us make a change buy a shirt or hoodie today!

Warrior Events was founded in 2008 by John O’Leary whose passion was and is to give back to our military in a very respectful way and to know how much they and their loved ones are appreciated for their immense sacrifices. We are very fortunate that Warrior Events is located in Annapolis, MD which is very close to the National Military Medical Center in Bethesda, MD where those who we assist are currently going through therapy.

Warrior Events is a 501 3(c) organization based in Annapolis, Maryland. Its sole purpose is to enrich the lives of those wounded while serving our country as well as the lives of their family members. With the help and support of our community, 
Warrior Events hosts monthly events for these warriors and their families to show our appreciation for their immense sacrifices. Events such as sporting events, spa days, date nights, and much more have helped us develop meaningful and long-lasting relationships with these Americans. 

Warrior Events fundraises throughout the year to raise money to grant wishes for these warriors.   Our mission is to provide opportunities for interaction, enjoyment, and camaraderie for our warriors, and to raise awareness and appreciation among the public.

Battle of the Titans IV At Vision Sports Club, Pearl River, NY.   
AMRAP-Vision Sports Club will be hosting an all men’s TEAM competition/Charity event. The event is dedicated towards the men & women that serve or have served in our armed forces.    

100% of all donation will go to the Warrior Events.     

Each TEAM is required to donate a minimum of $150 for the cause. This donation will be considered part of your registration. Purchase a shirt or make a donation to the link above.

Each box can have a max of 4 TEAMs (one TEAM is considered 4 men)   
 **Each TEAM is responsible for a JUDGE (MANDATORY)**   
 *****We are limiting the number of TEAMs competing. Please e-mail us at for part of registration, forward your TEAM name, box you are representing, and donation receipt.*****     

Remember, each TEAM is responsible for a MANDATORY minimum of $150 donation to Warrior Events for finalizing registration. Donations are due Saturday October 31st.About Warrior Events

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