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Friday, September 28, 2018

Tracy's Fitness Journey

My fitness journey started with running. I completed two marathons and a few ½ marathons. Running kept me active but my diet was poor, so as the years went on I gained weight. I only gained a few extra pounds, but I was uncomfortable. My 
husband  kept telling me I should lift weights at the gym .
However, I was self-conscience in that environment and unsure of how to work with weights, so I would end up just doing cardio each time.

My friend Vikki, with whom I took some boxing classes, had
started training with Ray at AMRAP Fitness. She told me she
loved Ray as a coach and the classes were great. I wanted to 
try, and my husband gave me some training sessions for my
birthday. However, I still felt scared to try a class. One day, I
finally went to the 9:30 class. The workout was hard, but Ray 
was patient, and the people in the class were so welcoming. I
felt like I had found a workout that would keep me from becoming bored, plus I really loved Ray and the friends I made at AMRAP.

Although my fitness improved, I still wasn’t completely satisfied with my weight until I participated in one of the 45-
day nutrition challenges that Ray offers. I totally changed the
way I ate and learned to much about portion sizes and healthy
eating. Sometimes I see old pictures from when I first started,
and I can’t believe the transformation I made and have continued to maintain.

This October will be three years for me, which says a lot about a coach and a program that keep so many others and me coming back year after year. I am now 51 years old, and I’m in the best shape of my life! I’m happy I can hike and play games with my kids and show them that you can be a fit person at any age.

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