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Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Hello all:

Today marks day #38 of the 2012 Challenge.... I hope all of you are seeing results and doing well in terms of changing your life style towards health and fitness... 

If you don't have a training log/journal GET ONE!!! You should have started logging information since the New year... I will have results from the week until Saturday morning posted on the whiteboard...

SATURDAY- SPECIAL EVENT.... We are heading to CrossFit Ignite for a fun TEAM workout @ 9am... if your not signed up sign up at the box... You do not have to partake, but you can spectate... it will be fun... 3 short WODs... Be there 9am and don't be late.... PS: were you AMRAP shirts or tank tops.... if you don't have one buy one off me ASAP!!!

CrossFit Kids will be starting again!!! 
Please help me pass the word and grow the program... I can use all the help I can get!!!
  • Every Thursday the new session will begin March 1st @ 4:30pm for ages 4 to 11 (5 week program)
  • PRICE $100... Late starters will be prorated... 
***Please help me promote the CrossFit kids program***

The 2012 Challenge began on January 9th and ends on February 23rd...The Zone as well as Paleo principals of nutrition were to be used by clients involved and signed up for the Challenge... 

There will be three age categories for winners...
  • Juniors ages 15 to 24
  • Open 25 to 44
  • Masters 45 and over

Finally, I am reminding you that AMRAP offers A.R.T. & Body Therapy (Cranial Sacral,Deep tissue, Medical massage therapies). Both individuals come highly recommended and several years of experience.

  • Schedule directly with Kevin for ART 201.788.2666
  • Schedule directly with Michael for Body Therapy 845.304.3966

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