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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Diet: The Next Performance Enhancing Drug

We just got the latest newsletter from Takano Athletics. Bob Takano references an article from the Arizona republic. Here's a link to that article: Read Me!

Athletes being athletes; they are always looking for the next advantage over their competition. With the major crack down on performance enhancing drugs, it seems apparent that athletes are turning to the more important substance that they put into their bodies. Food. 

Steve Nash of the Phoenix Suns is on the leading edge of this movement. He says that he tries to only eat things that have been around for the last 50,000 years. Sound familiar? The Paleo Diet is helping Steve get better and faster as he gets older. He shared his Paleo Diet secrets with team mate Grant Hill, who at 38 years old has only missed 3 games over the last 3 seasons. Coincidence? 

It would seem that from the article, that most professional athletes aren't as diligent with their food choices as Steve Nash and all of our faithful Paleoblocks Readers. There is now a slow transition by some athletes away from the large buffets of sugars, grains, and processed foods toward organic meats, veggies, fruits and nuts. It would seem that everyone is noticing the benefits as well. These athletes feel less fatigued, recover quicker, and miss less days due to illness and injury; all things that translate to big money in the world of professional sports. 

Do you think the trend will permeate all teams or will there always be people that stick to "business as usual?"

Sign up for the Takano Athletics newsletter and follow his blog. Bob Takano is a Hall of Fame Weightlifting Coach and has some of the most insightful articles around. 

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