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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Paleo Diet: Am I losing enough weight

Hey folks!
Just quick one here. I’ve received about 50 private messages, twitter pings and other reach-outs this morning with the general theme being: “Hey Robb, I think I’m stalled on my WEIGHT LOSS…should I go ketogenic? Cut out nuts? Join an Ashram?”
Folks are forgetting or ignoring the protocol in the book. I do not want you focusing on weight! I want you taking photos, and measurements, I want you picking away at a performance goal. I want you sleeping 8-9 hrs per night in a pitch black room. I want you to know the difference between a mouth and a vacuum cleaner. If you can do those things, you will succeed. Period. If you choose to drive the boat your own way, focus on the scale, you will do neurotic shit and you will scuttle the effort.
So, quick re-cap:
1-Have you taken before pictures as is detailed in the Paleo Solution? Are you taking progress photos?
2-Are you getting 8-9 hrs of sleep per night in a pitch dark room. I do not give two squirts about your excuse here! DO IT.Inadequate sleep cock-blocks fat loss. And give me a break! I’m asking you to SLEEP! How much easier can I make this?
3-What is your primary and secondary performance goals? If it’s run a marathon…oh, so help me!
4-Give some thought about what a reasonable portion size is. Lead with protein, have “lots” of veggies, don’t go wild on the fat sources so we can get both appetite suppression via the protein AND a mild calorie restriction. K?
Follow the protocol folks, read the FAQ and re-read the implementation chapter of the book. This stuff will work, don’t fight it.

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