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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

I hope you fail

If you're like me then you're on a path of becoming the best version of yourself, and on this path you'll have good days, great days, and unfortunately you'll have days that suck and make you want to crawl into a hole and die- I've been there.

There have been days while training (by the way I take training more serious than most endeavors in my life) that I just want to walk away from the sport of Olympic weightlifting altogether.  Those days I feel weak, feel like the competition is always going to be better than me or catch up to me, and on those days I admit I even break down mentally and have shed a few tears.  It could be that I didn't make a weight I was programmed to do, or I didn't feel as strong with something that felt routine and no matter how much I tried that day, it wouldn't click.  

On a bright note though, after those bad days I get back on the grind in order to get better and better.  And what I've come to realize in my short time in this sport, is that these days are expected and no matter how much you plan ahead they are going to happen at one point or another.  However, how you react to those days, whether it's weightlifting or not, I truly believe defines you as a person.

I'm going to be straight-forward, if you quit the moment something gets hard and doesn't go according to plan then you're mentally weak, plain and simple. If things get hard, and you persevere, and you keep working because you see a brighter day, then not only does that make you mentally strong, but it also sends a message to those around you that states, "Damn, this person didn't give up, then neither should I!" In turn, that inspires others to, "stay the course", no matter how hard it may seem and it creates a culture of resiliency.

So with this blog post I hope that whatever motivates you to get up every morning, becomes hard.  I hope it breaks you down to the point of quitting and never coming back.  I hope this passion of yours challenges you mentally and physically, and ultimately makes you a better person.  So, please, keep the fire alive and keep coming back day after day no matter the circumstance.

Khalil Harrison

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