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Monday, July 24, 2017


Here’s what some of the women from CrossFit South Rockland had to say about their experience:

Women very often get intimidated by CrossFit or weightlifting in general. Getting bulky and manly, that’s what it gets you to look like, right? And the answer is ABSOLUTELY NOT! If you are a female, do not be intimidated by giving this “CrossFit thing” a try. Do not pay attention to the naysayers and social media negativity that it’s only meant for insane freaks. It won’t harm you. If it’s done correctly with proper coaching and programming, CrossFit is safe, beneficial, and fun. I can guarantee you, you will get addicted to it in no time. Here are some reasons why our beautiful females should give CrossFit a shot:

  • You never know what to expect. It’s always challenging you to learn new exercises so it makes it more fun and exciting. Why be bored and walk on the treadmill for 30-60 minutes? That’s not fun at all! With CrossFit you get a different workout every day and in less time. 
  • You get coached. You never workout alone. You always have amazing coaches who are looking out for you to make sure your form/technique is correct.
  • Your whole body gets super strong. You will no longer be asking for help to bring all the heavy bags with groceries home, you’ll be able to do it all alone in one trip. After all, strong is the new skinny these days. CrossFit will help you to get there. 
  • The amount of calories you will burn is insane. Doing one 15 minutes workout that consists of running and deadlifts, for example, will not only burn those calories, but will keep your body toned and lean. “Skinny” will no longer be attractive to you. 
  • Your confidence will increase inside and outside of the CrossFit gym.
  • You will feel really energized after the workout, some of you might even forget about coffee. 
  • It is a health investment. If you want to be strong and healthy in your 60s, 70s and up, give CrossFit a try. 
  • You get to be surrounded by the most amazing community. In CrossFit everyone works as a team and extremely supportive. You will never have to finish the workout alone. Someone will always cheer you on and not let you stop or give up. You will gain new friends who will treat you like their own family. 
Aren’t these ladies simply amazing? Look how confident, strong and happy they are. Do not wait any longer. Stop by CrossFit South Rockland located inside the Vision Sports Club and give it a try. You will not be disappointed.

Interin- Nataliya Olifer

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