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Saturday, September 9, 2017

Day#27 Hero Saturday

U.S. Navy Chief Petty Officer Christian Michael Pike, of Peoria, Arizona, died March 12, 2013, in Landstuhl, Germany. Pike, 31, sustained combat-related injuries days earlier while conducting stability operations in the Maiwand District of Kandahar, Afghanistan. He was assigned to the West Coast-based Naval Special Warfare unit in California. The Chief Cryptologic Technician was posthumously awarded the Bronze Star with Valor. Pike is survived by his mother, Diana; his sister, Denise; and his fiancée, Morgan Lakner.

Gymnastic #7 Warm up
As a group:
Tabata jump rope (focus on speed)

15 second L-sit / tuck sit

15 second holding the hollow body position

15 reps wall squats

Then 2 rounds of:
Kick up to a handstand and work the negative on the way down

Power jumps

Candlestick to standup

Strict dips & HSPU


5 Rounds for time of:
20 Thrusters w/45 m/75
10 Strict ring dips
20 Push ups
10 Strict HSPU
50m Bear Crawl

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