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Monday, March 29, 2010

Got Goals?

Hello everyone:

Thank you for all the luck and blessings this week-end... If you don't already know I took 5th overall out of 121 men in all of NJ & NY... Next... Regional Qualifiers in Albany...

Here are some opening for this week:
  • Monday 3/29- openings @ 11:30am & 4:30pm
  • Tuesday 3/30- opening @ 12:30pm
  • Wednesday 3/31- opening @ 11:30am
  • Thursday 4/1- partner needed @ 5am, 6am, & 8:30am
  • Friday 4/2- partner needed @ 5am

***Every Friday GROUP TRAINING @ 11:30am join the squad***

Please call the GYM to book

No question, the first step towards achieving your goals is to develop the plans necessary for their successful achievement.
Yes, this is an obvious, circular and simplistic statement.
But if this important function is so obvious, why does it remain a problem for more than 88% of the population?

"A man/woman who does not think and plan long ahead will find trouble right at his door." ~ Confucius

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