CrossFit South Rockland

Monday, March 15, 2010


Hello all:

I have a few openings this week:
Tuesday 3/16- 12:30pm opening
Wednesday 3/17- partner needed @ 5am
Thursday 3/18- partner needed @ 3:30pm
Friday 3/19- opening @ 10:30am

***Group training every Friday @ 11:30am & 12:30pm***

Workout #1
Part 1
5 rounds of AMRAP:
3 minutes of air squats
2 minutes of push press (Mens #70 & Womens #50)
1 minute of burpees
2 minutes rest after each round

If time Part 2


  1. I'd like someone to beat a total of 950 air squats...

    Very impressive...

  2. This workout sucked!!! In a good way of course =) No 950 for air-squats, but a proud 850!!! A very proud 209 for push-press with 55lbs: And, a not so impressive 66 burpees. At that point my quads were on fire!!! GAG!!!

  3. Not to mention my lack of sleep the past 5 months is finally catching up to me... Having a sick child for 5 months is not easy. My advice to parents, never opt for the nasal-flu-mist! It has made our lives a living hell! Since September it's been one sickness after another... Poor kid =(

  4. As soon as I am 100% I will beat the total of 950 squats! I WILL complete 951!

  5. BTW Sue...we will the 951 together! HA! You rock my friend....850! Incredible.