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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Are you starting your day off on the right foot?

Are you starting your day off on the right foot? Are you ready to tackle anything that gets in your way? There is a fine balance in life that we strive for. The balance of: enough sleep, proper nutrition, mental and physical activity in our day. If you are Zoning or Paleo/Zoning, are you getting all your blocks in?

I know in our hectic schedules, getting all of your blocks or even getting good blocks are hard to come by. Believe me, I know how hard it is to get up a half hour earlier than you usually do to get in a good breakfast. Your breakfast can make or break your day when it comes to energy. You can choose to have the quick breakfast with the instant shakes and lots of carbs, which by 10 o’clock you are ready to devour the home made cookies that someone brought in (I speak from experience). Or, you can choose to have a well-rounded breakfast that will sustain you until lunch.

Timing is essential to proper nutrition. Eating within an hour of waking is key to getting your metabolism a.k.a. your “furnace” stoked and ready to burn all day long. After breakfast, try to eat within a 3-5 hour window from the last time you ate. This might seem daunting when you have to work all day. Don’t neglect your body, or it will catch up with you in the form of poor nutrition choices latter in the day. Have a plan of attack. Paleo kits are killer for the mid-day snack. Staying on the no more than 5 hour window will also help in getting 5 meals in a day.

No one said this was going to be easy. If it were, then America would not be in the middle of obesity pandemic. Society has made our lives into a “Drive thru hell," where convenience and a sedentary life style have changed us from: you eat what you have killed/gathered, to “Oh, there's only two cars waiting in the drive thru at KFC!”

Be converted! Drink the kool-aid. Live a happy and fulfilled life. You are a Champion. Now eat like one.

Ingredients to a well-rounded breakfast:
1. You need to have your Proteins- eggs, fish, leftover rotisserie chicken, leftover steak (my favorite).
2. Carbs that will last- sure, fruits are so tasty in the morning, but don’t ignore the veggies. They will burn longer in your “furnace” than the fruit. Consider broccoli, spinach, tomatoes, peppers, etc.
3. Healthy fats- Avocados are the bomb! Almond butter and nuts will help keep the hunger at bay.

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