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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

How do you define success?

I hope all of you have been working on your GOALS... This is what takes us to the next level... Why settle for being average??? Everyone has the capability of becoming better at what the do... If there is no direction you will never get there... GOAL setting is you key to SUCCESS...

"Time is the coin of your life. It is the only coin you have, and only you can determine how it will be spent. Be careful lest you let other people spend it for you."
 ~ Carl Sandburg
Success can be found in the strangest places. More importantly though, one’s own definition of the word can give it many different meanings. I hope I haven’t lost you already, just hear me out. I was having a conversation with one of the other coaches on success and the fear of failing the other day. “How did you get over with the fear of failing?” he asked me about opening World Camp. I chuckled briefly and fired back, “when that day comes, I will let you know.” I think the fear of failure is what drives the majority of us to continue the pursuit for excellence thus getting us further away from the point. Which leads me to the question, “is success and not failing the same thing?” I would have to say no. There are plenty of businesses out there who have been around for years that are not successful but yet, have not reached the point of failure.

For years I worked and managed a “globo gym”. We constantly had sales goals to meet and by doing so defined whether the gym was successful or not. No one really cared who was doing what, what member’s goals were getting met or not and who’s life was being changed; only if they were under a contract and their dues were up to date. We could not have been more wrong… It has always been my goal to create and welcoming environment that pushes people out of their comfort zone forcing them to get better. I believe we have done that here, thus we are successful! We have come along way from the 900 sqft gym days but the our focus and mentality has not deviated from the original mindset. Get a box, fill it with the best coaches and toys, teach people new things and hold everyone to a higher standard! “If you build it, they will come”
 Numerous times, I have gotten the question regarding the success of World Camp and if I ever though it would be this way and so on. I always answer with this, “It’s all in how you define success.” You see, I was successful with a 900 sqft gym and only 5 members; but as you probably know, owning a gym with only 5 members will not make you rich by any means however, the rewards can still be great! As long as there are people here that are eager to learn and do the best that they can, and as long as we continue to make a difference, World Camp is a success!

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