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Thursday, October 7, 2010

School Lunch and a Trader Joe’s Find

School Lunch and a Trader Joe’s Find
Posted on September 11, 2010 by Sarah in Dinner, Food, Lunch, MealPlan, News

I have had a couple requests for more school lunch ideas. I posted one on my Facebook page a few weeks ago, which I have also added to this post, along with another picture of a common school lunch for my boys.

I also had a blog reader email me about a pre-seasoned salmon that he found at Trader Joe’s. I usually steer away from the pre-packaged or pre-seasoned food but this one is GREAT!

Last but not least, we are planning on shooting another cooking demo this weekend so stay tuned!

School Lunch Ideas:

Day 1
Sliced left over grilled chicken
Carrot sticks
Apple slices
Mixed nuts and dried Fruit

Day 2
Nitrate free turkey deli meat with dill pickles
Apple slices
Carrot sticks

Day 3
Nitrate free pastrami rolls (pastrami wrapped around broccoli slaw)

Day 4
Chicken salad – chopped cooked chicken, chopped pickles, chopped celery, a spoonful of paleo mayo
2 mandarins
Broccoli florets

Day 5

Repeat day 1 or day 2

I need to start taking daily pictures of the lunches that I pack so I can post these ideas more often, but hopefully this is helpful for the parents out there trying to make a paleo family lifestyle happen! My 15 year old packs his own lunch everyday and it typically consists of nitrate free pastrami deli meat or a tupperware of whatever left over meat he can find from the night before, celery sticks, an apple, a banana, and a bag of pistachios.

The salmon at Trader Joe’s is the Chimichurri Wild Pacific Salmon found in the freezer section. It’s so easy to prepare, pretty darn tasty, and the ingredients are as followed: Wild caught salmon, olive oil, parsley, garlic, salt, and red chili flakes.

One last find, here’s a link to all things gluten free at Trader Joe’s!


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