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Saturday, June 24, 2017

HUMC Charity Event

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HUMC- Tackle Kids Cancer 24th   event

Event #1 (whole TEAM)
5 minute 3 rep max press for load

Each teammate must attempt a 3 rep max strict press. A successful 3 reps will count.

#1 makes 95lbs x 3 and receives 95 points
#2 make 2 lifts at 135lbs and misses the third lift. They do not receive any points
#3 makes 205lbs and reracks the bar. That effort does not count and they receive no points.

All Teammates must attempt. Teammates can attempt as many times as they want in the allotted amount of time.

Event #2 (whole TEAM)
7 minute Tag
(Females work together/ males work together)
80m MB carry w/14 KBs m/20
10 wall ball shots w/14 m/20
10 burpees over parallette

*Note- if the ball is dropped 3 burpee TEAM penalty/ all 10 wall ball shots must me executed convectively in order for those reps to count. If you miss start over. Any reduction in weigh with the MB will be ½ per wall ball shot in your score for this event.

Event #3 (Whole TEAM)
6 minute AMRAP
Push & pull

3 minutes max distance prowler push 180# (Each push mush consist of one female and one male/ Partners must switch at the end of each length)
3 minutes max “Pull” (One female & one male must be on the bar for the points to count/ once partner comes off the bar the team can no loner be awarded points)
·      Any pull up with a band is ½ a point
·      Pull ups 1 point
·      CTB pull ups 2 points

·      Bar muscle ups 4 points

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