CrossFit South Rockland

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

5/29 Day#38

Warm up 
Combo Activation #3
Overhead banded pull aparts 20 reps
10m OH duck walk
Toy soldiers 10m
Band pull aparts 20 reps
Walking lunge with Sampson followed by a broad jump 15m
Band walks (Lateral)
Inch worm with push up 10m 
Shuttle run 50m

Barbell complex #3
Deadlift/ Back squat/ Good morning/ Press from behind the neck/ Front squat/ Press from the front/ Thruster

Deadlift/ HSPU

3 rounds of:
3 deadlifts m/405# w/275#
200m SB run w/50# m/75#
10 deficit HSPU

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