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Friday, May 17, 2019

Kim's Fitness Journey

My journey? Well, it’s been a hell of a one. I started the AMRAP Fitness Corporate Wellness program 3 years ago. To me the idea of a free workout was great. I get to use my lunch break to bullshit with my coworkers, sure why not! Little did I know we would be put to work, lifting weights, using barbells and running. I never did functional fitness workouts and I'm always up for a challenge, but this was going to be tough.

Growing up, I was never a skinny girl, nor the type to work out on a daily. The closest thing to being athletic was when I cheered and swam in high school. Since I could remember my mom always had me involved in many activities. I did gymnastics, T-ball and even took dance classes. None of those intrigued me enough to stick with them.

As I entered adulthood so did the extra pounds and responsibilities. I told myself that something had to change. When my company, USIS offered the Corporate Wellness program, I found that this would be the perfect opportunity to do so. And it sure was!

Coach Ray is the man in charge. He makes sure that you are comfortable by breaking the ice and cracking jokes. Even though he has a sense of humor he is still able to teach you how to properly execute a workout. He learns what you are struggling with and helps you improve by pushing you when you think you can’t go further. My weaknesses became my strengths, my fears became my obsessions.

In 2017 I got married. My husband and I decided to try for a child. It was a little bit more difficult than we thought it would be. During this time I thought it was best to take a break from working out. Soon after I became pregnant, and by doctors’ orders, I was told to continue my break from training. 

A year later and the same day I returned back to work from Maternity leave, I hit that play button. It was so hard to get back into the AMRAP program after taking time off and having a baby. My body wasn’t the same nor was I mentally ready. However, I enjoyed and missed it so much that I had to force myself to get back into my old routine. 

Looking back on my journey I wouldn’t want to change a thing. Everything happens for a reason. The break I took from AMRAP Fitness allowed me to appreciate the opportunities that are given to me. I’ve also built the courage to join the 45-day challenge as well as attend more AMRAP Fitness classes throughout the week. No one is perfect; I know for sure I’m not. What I hope is that I continue to make the necessary improvements on myself as well as in my life because AMRAP Fitness is not just a program it’s a lifestyle. 

Thank you to USIS, ARMAP Fitness, and Coach Ray who have become more like family, this wouldn’t have happened without you!


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