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Friday, May 3, 2019

Donna's Fitness Journey

It's been an amazing journey thus far. I kept in shape the majority of my life mainly due to good family genes and keeping active with day to day life. I am in no means an athlete, I  would put myself in the active category. In my younger days, I enjoyed playing basketball and baseball with kids in the neighborhood, bicycling, swimming, and always loved a good kickball game.  I have 2 boys and I recently realized how much unintended exercise it took to raise them.  Getting us all out the door in the morning, packing lunches, getting the kids to their after school activities, getting dinner on the table, a little play time to burn off whatever energy THEY still had left, baths and then bed, at least for them. How'd I ever do it? I did it and it kept me in shape. My two boys are now amazing men, which means I am not nearly as active as I was. 

I work full time, for me, it's more than a 40 hour work week desk job.  I am very fortunate to work for an amazing company that encourages and sponsors the employees to participate in the AMRAP CrossFit Wellness Program.  My thoughts were me, CrossFit, not happening!  A group of co-workers were attending the classes, they would come back to work excited, pumped up and ready to tackle the rest of their day. Eventually, I gave in and went to a class. Intimidated just by seeing the coach, Coach Ray, who is the epitome of what fit is.  It was an amazing class, Coach Ray was patient with everyone, explaining the proper way to do the movements, emphasizing on posture.  After attending a few classes I felt like I can do this, I got it.  I recall running inside on the turf and falling, yes, I fell just running, again, I am no means an athlete.  Coach Ray asked us to set a goal, mine was to do 5 push-ups in a row. Fast forward 3 years later and that now sounds funny to me. I am still by no means an athlete, but I challenge myself and really enjoy this journey with my amazing co-workers.  Every day is different and I do the best I can on that day.  Just when I don’t think I can do that last round, a co-workers shouts out “you got this Donna”.  We encourage and empower each other. I now look forward to box jumps, wall ball, sliding the medicine up my body to my shoulder, battle ropes, jump ropes. The classes are very diversified, never boring. Coach Ray is still as patient with us today as he was 3 years ago.

Coach Ray also empowers us with his 45 Day food challenge.  I used to eat whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted. That lifestyle wasn't an issue when I was younger and running around with my boys.  All that has come to an end for me. Not being as active as I used to be and since turning 50, I need to introduce the proper food balance into my life. I am doing this challenge with co-workers, we are learning together and supporting one another. We are in the beginning stages of the challenge and I plan to use this challenge as a tool to continue to make better choices way after the 45 days. 

If you are considering AMRAP Fitness, give Coach Ray a chance. Take advantage of the three-day trial ( You will not regret it, I know I haven't.

All the best, you got this!

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