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Friday, December 21, 2018

Brian's fitness Journey

My fitness journey started with a simple phrase “For things to change, you have to change” and with that I committed myself to personal development.  I started setting goals in the most important parts of my life.  I quickly realized that in the area of physical health I could not reach my goals on my own.  I was starting to explore options of how to get help to get there.

Around that time, Pam (a fellow member of AMRAP Fitness) had on a few occasions invited me to come workout at AMRAP.  I had one prior exposure to Crossfit, I was hired to bring my food truck to a regional competition.  As I watched the mayhem that was going on, I remember saying to one of my employees “There’s no way I could ever do that”.  Well, luckily Pam was persistent, and despite my many excuses like “I’m too busy," “I have a bad shoulder” (at the time that I started, I could not reach something on a shelf without pain), etc. etc. I finally reluctantly signed up for the 3 day trial.

I was extremely intimidated walking in the first day, but after the first WOD, I knew it was what I was looking for.  Having no athletic background, I had no idea how to do any of the movements, but persistence paid off as I saw steady improvement.  I was doing things that I thought I could not do.  Self-limiting belief after self-limiting belief fell one after the other.

There were other benefits that came along that were not just limited to physical fitness.  I’ve had some very challenging times both before starting this journey and during.  Times where I’m physically, mentally, and emotionally battered.  Just getting hammered by life from all angles and feeling like I’m just about at my breaking point…. And I know if I can just make it to the gym, everything is going to be all right.  

I get in there, let the screams out, reach a place of intensity that healing at a deep mental and emotional place happens.  When it feels like no one in the world can understand some of the dark places I go to, here everyone is accepting and supportive to lift me up.  Some of you know how much you’ve helped me at times. Some of you might not have any idea, but there have been times where a few words from you probably unknowingly have made all the difference to me.  I hope that I am able to do the same for everyone else.

I’m grateful beyond words for this amazing group of people. We are truly part of something special and together we are strong beyond belief.

Stay Strong and Keep Smiling


Whooop! Whooop!  

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