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Friday, December 14, 2018

Dario's Fitness Journey

About 10 years ago I looked at myself and realize I needed to make a change. I weighed about 255 pounds and I needed to make a difference in my life to be better for myself. I decided to join a gym with some friends to get some motivation going. 

I started to create a routine for myself, like running on the treadmill, lifting simple weights, running on a track and little things here and there that anyone would do in the process of wanting to lose weight. In addition, I also joined some morning classes at the gym to keep the excitement of loosing weight going and becoming bored. 

As time progresses I was not noticing any change. I was not gaining any weight, however I was not losing any either. I then realized there was still something missing. As that portion of my life was going on I wanted to share health and fitness with my family. I wanted my daughter to join the gym as well so she could get an early start in a healthy lifestyle which was an opportunity I did not have. I knew she would not enjoy going with me and she needed some guidance.

I wanted her to join a structured class and this is where I found Ray and AMRAP Fitness. During that time Ray started to introduce me to CrossFit. I decided to go through with joining his class because I had nothing to lose at this point. I wanted to make a difference and I knew this was my opportunity. What I didn’t know coming into the 5am class, was how much of an impact it would have on my life. 

It’s no longer a task to go to the gym, it’s a life style. It’s a part of my every day routine that I love and live for. Not only has it helped me maintain my ideal weight, I was able to learn eating habits that would change my view on foods forever. Ray gave the the ability to learn how to portion and control my eating helping me to see drastic results. 

Along with losing the weight and learning about my eating habits, AMRAP Fitness brought me much more. The program has brought me a fitness family of motivational people who will only want me to reach goals above and beyond than I ever thought. This keeps me striving for excellence every.

This community helps me maintain a promise I made to myself, that I would never get back to that 255 pounds. I would like to say thank you to Ray and the AMRAP Fitness crew for helping me reach my goal and creating a welcoming environment for me to be myself.


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