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Friday, December 28, 2018

Sean's Fitness Journey

My fitness journey began when I was about 19 years old.  Growing up I played hockey and baseball, then picked up boxing in my early 20's.  I saw lifting and cardio as way to get better off of the ice and off of the field.  Because of sports, my introduction to the gym has become permanent.  

Like many others, I feel guilty if I don't go to the gym, for what I consider to be a productive amount of times per week.  There is a mental aspect, physical aspect and sense of gratification that keeps me loyal to working out.  Now, if I could only incorporate my discipline in working out and transfer it to my eating habits, I'd be cooking with rocket fuel. I can eat more ice cream and chocolate, than most overweight people. This is something I'm working on in the 2nd part of my fitness journey.

Part II of this play currently takes place at Vision Sports.  It is here, where I first saw the "hoodie people", walking into the back of the gym and wondered; "What are those losers up to?"  I'd walk back there from time to time and sneak a peak at people collapsing from exhaustion, " Do I want that type of pain in my life and I want to pay someone to give it to me?"  

Well that someone is Ray Traitz and that challenge was AMRAP Fitness.  Ray along with his wife, Coach Nataliya, and Robin, run a tight ship and the truth is, CrossFit is a hell of a workout! Ray and Sue are committed 100% to bettering everyone that walks into their gym. It has helped me be more physically fit at work. 

I am a fireman.  Climbing up stairs with "X" amount of weight and gear, getting to your destination, and then starting your job is a tiring process.  Everyone, at this point, in my line of work gets out breath.  It is also at this point, before the real part of my job begins, that I can catch some of that breath back and recover a little for the task at hand.  

Crossfit is a total body workout. It will highlight your deficiencies and make you better, when the effort is made. I've experienced this at work and at the gym.  When I'm hitting on all cylinders there is tangible, positive difference. When I'm sputtering around and being loose with my eating, the difference swings in the other direction. Not good!    

The camaraderie and intensity of the workout is why I am at AMRAP Fitness.  I have a lot of respect for the effort that goes into this gym. Getting back to my earlier point about eating habits.  Ray has incorporated quarterly eating challenges into the routine of the gym.  This is were I need to improve most. To become more consistent with the way I eat, combined with this intense form of working out, will garner the most results. 

I have seen it in myself and I have seen it in others, and it is quite noticeable when you make that commitment. I am thankful for walking into AMRAP Fitness three years ago.  The coaching, the attention to detail, the advice and community focus makes this hobby of mine, that I started when I was 19 years old, that much more gratifying.   

Finally, I would encourage anyone who's thinking about joining CrossFit to give it a try and see if it works for you.  You'll never know unless you try, and you just might find the benefits of this decision popping up in ways that you would never have expected.

Sean 2E

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