CrossFit South Rockland

Monday, August 12, 2019

Monday 8/12

Warm Up 
A- Tabata jump rope x 8, then… 
Roll pec minor and lats/ 2x 7 false grip ring rows & 25 hitchhikers 

B- The Ring Warm up
-Ring swings (Arch and hollow)
-Hips to rings
-Tuck to inversion/ skin the cat
-Pike to inversion/ skin the cat
-Fly away dismount (skin the cat dismount)
-Strict muscle up (spot if needed)/ support/ L-sit
-Shoulder stand/ L-support or straddle support
-Pike or tuck to inversion/ back lever attempt (scale with one leg)/ inversion
-Front Lever attempt (scale with one leg)

Muscle ups

30 muscle ups for time

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