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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Last chance!!!!

Hello all:

If you haven't taken before pictures and weighed in, tomorrow is the DEADLINE!

I hope all of you are getting on track with communicating with each other, sharing information such as:
  • what I ate today. including times and QUANITIES for meals, snacks, and beverages (hydration)
  • once again here is the resource page:
  • stay motivated!!!!
  • Make sure everyone is eating protein/ carbs/ fat in every meal & snack
  • Post workout shakes consist of protein and carbs (coconut water)
  • stay on top of you supplementation
  • share helpful hints on how to travel around and eat PALEO and be prepared
  • share info on how one does it with a family and kids...

Remember, if you succeed your TEAM does too... Together everyone achieves more!!!

See you guys tomorrow!


"Kinda effort equals sorta results"

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