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Wednesday, August 22, 2018

8/22 Day#10

Warm up 
Follow the leader
Have all athletes lie prone on the floor in a circle, leaving space between each athlete and a modest gap in the circle where no athletes are lying. If running counter-clockwise, the athlete to the immediate left of the gap starts (as viewed from outside the circle). At the call of go, the athlete jumps up and proceeds to run around the circle, stepping or jumping over each athlete in turn. When the athlete clears the others and reaches the left side of the gap, he or she lies down. Each athlete springs up to become a runner as soon as he or she is jumped over and becomes the last athlete to the right of the gap. 

Safety note: athletes who rise at the wrong time can create a tripping hazard, especially when multiple athletes are moving about the circle. Leaving a gap in the circle ensures a margin of safety. Passing should also be discouraged.

Have every other athlete in a bridge position, requiring the runner to crawl beneath the “bridges.”

Bonus Challenge
Set the clock to count down from 1 minute (give or take, depending on class size). If an entire revolution is not completed before the clock runs out, the whole class must perform 10 burpees.

KB snatches 

For time:
50 KB snatches 25 left/ 25 right w/35# m/53#
800m run
50 TTB
*12 minute time cap

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