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Friday, August 24, 2018

Rafi's Fitness Journey

I have been training with Coach Ray since November of 2014. My wife Rachel has been trying with Coach Ray and raving about his place. She kept trying to get me to try, but I was stubborn and kept putting it off. I had lost a great deal of weight on my own and though what I was doing was fine. Until that one day I walked into AMRAP Fitness for the first time. WOW! To say the least. I couldn't believe that I couldn't do a single push up no to mention all the other crazy things they considered exercise was. 

It took me a few days to come back due to the fact that I was sore as hell! The 7am group was entertaining and welcoming. I enjoyed learning new things, not just about exercising, but about my self. The training helped me develop my mental game, where I occasionally need some help. In addition, it helped me with being an entrepreneur. 

I continued to lose weight, but once I learned how food effected not only the way I looked, but the way I felt and performed, it was a game changer. 

I love the way Coach Ray challenges me on a daily basis. He has faith in what I am capable of and pushes me to do things I would never believe I could do. This has help me participate in several 100 mile bike rides and several hour hiking trips. 

I love the people I train with and they as well as Coach Ray keep me coming back for more.

Thank You AMRAP Fitness


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