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Friday, October 19, 2018

Joe's Fitness Journey

My fitness journey started when I was a little kid, I started playing baseball around 8 yrs old , by the time I was 12 my friends and I were lifting weights. I was a scrawny 90lb  and a string bean. We would drink shakes with milk and eggs and try to lift weights in what we thought was the proper form or program lol. We bench pressed and did curls and military presses. We thought we knew it all. This continued through high school and college. 

I was always what I thought was a good athlete fit and trim with a college scholarship to play baseball.  Believe it or not the training didn’t vary much from what we did in high school. After school, came life. With work and running my own equestrian business, my fitness journey came pretty much to a halt. I thought I was still in good shape. I rode 8 to 10 horses a day and worked on the farm.  Well I was wrong... 

11 years ago I met my wife (also known as the Terminator to some) on our first date we went for a run. She had mentioned that she had run a few marathons, but I thought I was some macho guy and said what the heck I should be able to run a mile or so... NOT! I barely made it 800m and had to walk! It was embarrassing. 

Well thanks to Paige we started to look for a training routine and she heard from a friend about CrossFit. Ray at that time had a box in Chestnut Ridge just a mile from the farm.  Our first WOD, muscle ups lol, holy crap we soon learned that we knew absolutely nothing about training or weightlifting or nutrition! 

We started going everyday 
at 4:30am for a 5 am class and then started going to Rays strength class in the afternoons. The training is always varied and to say the least interesting and motivating.
We also started doing the 45 day challenges and I have to say Ray Traitz and AMRAP Fitness has changed mine and our lives. I am the fittest I have ever been in my life at 51. 

Thank you Ray for all you do for me.


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