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Friday, October 26, 2018

Vikki's Fitness Journey

Ever since I could physically bring myself to a gym I’ve been there. I have tried every avenue of exercising, step classes, high impact aerobics (don’t even think it’s a thing anymore), slide classes (remember them), spin classes, weight lifting, mixed martial arts (which I’ll touch more on in a bit), barre, TRX, Tae Bo, boxing, stott pilates, one on one training, oh the list goes on and on. They all served their purpose, but they were just exercising.

Mixed martial arts was a little different for me, I started that around 40ish trying to introduce my girls to fitness and self-empowerment, for me I loved it but it was the beginning of some injuries and none ever properly corrected. After one competition (I lost, I totally got my a## beat), I endured a pretty bad back injury which led to surgery.  After that injury I slowly made my way back trying again a slew of different things, then a shoulder injury. Frustrated with being uncomfortable I sort of just stuck to the basics at the gym and kept exercising.

Then the sun was shining one day, and my gym brought in AMRAP CrossFit.  I had heard about CrossFit and they offered a free trial, I was fairly bored with my basics and just about to step into my 50’s so, I figured why not.  One trial class turned into 3 classes a week, which turned into never looking back. This was just not exercising this is a lifestyle to a healthier life.
I recently had a bit of set-back from never properly rehabilitating after my back surgery.  Throughout my entire absence from AMRAP, the coaches have had my back.  Honestly, I’m not even sure they know how thankful I am, but their support throughout these past few months has been so important to my recovery and come back.
The coaches, Ray, Suzanne and Natalya truly make this Crossfit box exceptional.  They are experienced, educated, knowledgeable, caring and personalize what each client needs to make them successful in their own personal fitness journey.  They are also huge supporters of local and national charities and run various fundraiser which I admire and love being a part of.

They have created a “family” like community there that has kept me coming back over three years.  Love being part of this amazing group of people that inspire and encourage me, which keeps me coming back day after day.


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