CrossFit South Rockland

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Wednesday 10/24

Warm up 
Farmers and lumberjacks
Six to 10 cones, depending on class size. The smaller the cone, the greater the challenge.

After scattering the cones across the field of play—some standing up, some lying down—divide the class into two equal teams. At the call of go, lumberjacks try to knock all the cones down while the farmers set them upright. Athletes may only use their hands to right or upset a cone, and guarding is not allowed. The winning team gets to choose the fitness-related punishment—“motivational consequences”—for the losers.

For large classes, limit duration of play. The team with the most cones knocked down or standing up when the time expires wins.


3 rounds of:
20 OHS w/65# m/95#
400m run
20 SDHP w/65# m/95#

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