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Friday, April 30, 2010

The Aftermath of My 30 Day Paleo Challenge (Crystal Nelson)

Crystal Nelson

My 30 Day Paleo Challenge is complete and I partook in my first cheats this weekend! Yay, fun right? Ok, I will readily admit that my first bite of icecream was, simply put, heaven. However, 5 more bites in, I started to feel like I had just drank 2 martinis and was having trouble focusing and even talking. Driving was becoming questionable, but after a while, I became coherent again. That was really the only bad reaction I had, which makes me hopeful that a little bit of dairy is going to be "ok" with my body. We'll see as I continue with my cheats every once in a while.

My next test was grains with gluten. Eeek. I was honestly scared of this one. As expected, my body didn't like those little nasty, non-digestable creatures. Although the french toast was delightful and again, heaven in my mouth, I felt pretty awful afterwards. It wasn't long before I had curled up back in bed for a nice long mid-day nap. I awoke to a feeling of grogginess and a bloated belly. Ugh. Not fun. Did I enjoy eating the french toast? Yes! Do I want to eat that more than once a month. No.

All in all, my 30 day challenge was life changing and eye opening, even to someone who was already convinced of eating Paleo. Was it hard.. you bet! But, eventually you start to get comfortable with turning down what society thinks of as normal foods.

I have to share with you my trip to Whole Foods last night. They had a deal where if you bought a pound of turkey you got cheese, bread, and apples for free. I skipped on the bread and went to checkout. The cashier and bagger questioned why I didn't want my free bag of bread. They seemed shocked when I said that I don't eat bread. Why? My Paleo discussion came out to everybody that could hear. Maybe that encouraged somebody to go home and start their own research on what food we are designed to eat. I hope so.

I challenge each of you to start your 30 days TODAY! Don't worry about needing to plan or go to the store. Start it now, this minute. If you choose to have everything perfectly planned, you will never do it. There is no need to start after an event or after you finish off your last bag of whatever or etc, etc, etc. The time is now!
Crystal Nelson

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