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Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Healthy/Fuck off Scale

Today, I read some scientific studies on the effects of caffeine. It seems that caffeine elevates insulin levels and encourages insulin resistance, which goes against the idea of doing a lower-carb, low GI/GL Zone/Paleo IF diet (designed to moderate the insulinemic response to food).

That may be true - the studies are numerous and relatively consistent in their conclusions. But allow me to share with you where that falls on my Healthy/Fuck Off Scale.

To further explain:

Foods that are very Healthy, and that I agree have many Health benefits, are low on the Fuck Off scale. (Example: You tell me spinach is very Healthy. I love spinach, and I concur with your analysis and therefore eat lots of spinach.)

Foods that I am told are not SO Healthy but I think are Healthy Enough on occasion are higher on the Fuck Off scale. (Example: On occasion, despite all the arguments against legumes, I will tell you to Fuck Off and eat the damn peanut butter. These occasions are not common, but they do occur.)

Foods that I am told should be eliminated from my diet completely because they are nowhere near Healthy, but which I have determined are mandatory for me having an enjoyable existence for the next 50 years, are EXTREMELY high on the Fuck Off scale. These foods include iced coffees, Grey Goose dirty martinis and anything covered in maple syrup. you gotta live right?

I hope this helps to clarify my position on some of these important dietary issues, and I encourage you to develop your own H/FO Scale.

The message is simple: If you want to actually LIVE your dreams, eliminate Procrastination from your performance. Until you learn to take swift ACTION, you have put the ONLY life you have to live on hold.

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