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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Hello all:

I am attaching some helpful Paleo information.

In addition, I am listing the the TEAMs. If you are not listed please contact me ASAP.

Body fat measurements as well as starting weights must be recorded by Monday 4/15. Please work with me on getting these vitals.

Thank you.

Fat loss:

  • Mando-Kim-Chad
  • Mike DeMane- Joe D.-John L.
  • Dave O.-Jen C.-Chai
  • Sparkles-Josh-Jr
  • Nikkii-Garry-Barry
  • Sarena-Bob & Nancy K.-Antonella
  • Frank B.-Jen B.-Felipe
  • Jim G.-Joe K.

Muscle gain:

  • Dean- Connor B.-Will-Mike C.
  • Seth-Nelson-Shadee
  • Jill Hall-Illicia-Robyn

Please watch the following links:

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