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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

AMRAP info!

Hello all:

I hope all of you are fired up for the new year.... 2012 is the year of testing yourself....

If you don't have a training log/journal GET ONE!!! You should have started logging information since monday... I will have results from the week until Saturday morning...

SATURDAY- AMRAP is open @ 7:30am.... Please sign up on the white board...

CrossFit Kids will be starting again!!! 
Please help me pass the word and grow the program... I can use all the help I can get!!!
  • Tuesday January 10th @ 4:30pm for ages 4 to 7 (5 week program with a make up week)
  • Friday January 13th @ 4:30pm for ages 8 to 11 (5 week program with a make up week)
  • PRICE $100... Late starters will be prorated... 
***Please help me promote the CrossFit kids program***

The 2012 Challenge will begin on January 9th and end on February 23rd... I will allow clients to use the Zone as well as Paleo principals of nutrition... for best results I suggest using a combination of both methods... 

There will be three age categories...
  • Juniors ages 15 to 24
  • Open 25 to 44
  • Masters 45 and over

Finally, I am reminding you that AMRAP offers A.R.T. & Body Therapy (Cranial Sacral,Deep tissue, Medical massage therapies). Both individuals come highly recommended and several years of experience.

  • Schedule directly with Kevin for ART 201.788.2666
  • Schedule directly with Michael for Body Therapy 845.304.3966

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