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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Does the paleo diet work: Paleo success stories

If you are thinking about going to paleo diet, you must be thinking that does the paleo diet work. After all, what is the point of changing your lifestyle and eating habits if you don’t get the results you want. Especially since many see paleo diet as a restricting food plan (and lets be honest it kind of is – especially if you are eating out). So is the effort worth it or should you look for other options?

Few words about the paleo diet

As you probably know, paleo diet refers to a diet which is also known as a caveman diet. The basic idea of paleo diet is that we humans should be eating the food our ancestors ate long time ago as our bodies are used to that kind of diet. If looked back in the history, we have been agricultural societies only for few thousand years compared to tens of thousands of years eating like hunter gatherers. Also, only for the last few decades we have been overconsuming grain based food, such as bread, pasta and potatoes in huge quantities. Even during the industrialization we ate more meat in proportion than we eat nowadays. And that is before mentioning all the artificial stuff we eat – sodas, candies, chips etc.
As a diet and a phenomenon paleo diet is rather new but it is slowly but surely becoming more and more popular. In a way, the paleo diet can be seen as a different version of the famous Atkins diet.
Enough of this talking, lets see some of the results what people have gotten using paleo diet to see does the paleo diet work.

Paleo success stories around the internet

Below there are some success stories of paleo diet. I have collected these examples around the internet so I can not be 100% sure if it is only paleo diet what has brought the results or has some other elements been involved too. But I will do my best to state the other factors on this page.
The first success story comes from here, and describes the case of Sterling. He is a family man working in pharmaceutical industry and after several attempts of trying this and that decided to try paleo diet in combination of some heavy weight training and sprinting. And check out the results below.
does paleo diet work
paleo success stories
That is what I call amazing results! And in relatively quick time too! According to his own description, he feels so much better nowadays. He is not a huge fitness buff – surely he exercises but not a very huge amount.
Another success story comes from here. This is another example of a middle aged man getting in to shape. The pictures are separated by only 5 months and look what a difference there is in appearance! HUUUGE!
paleo success stories 2
The guy above did also work out, but not on the gym. Instead he did mostly body weight exercises such as pull-ups, push-ups and squats. So what this example too goes to show is that it doesn’t even take too much effort to see how does the paleo diet work. The above paleo success stories should tell you that it does.

The bottom line: does the paleo diet work?

Based on the real life examples shown above and also on numerous success stories around the internet, it can be said that paleo diet does work. Why does the paleo diet work? Because by eliminating the bad influences, mainly carbs that fight against our bodies, from our diet and digestive system we are more healthy and most likely lose the flab. And who of us would not want a healthier and better looking body?
If the above paleo success stories do not convince you enough, you can read more about paleo diet and the science behind it from here or get some ideas about how to cook paleo friendly foods by clicking here.

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